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Sustainable refrigeration solutions

Transport refrigeration based on natural refrigerants

We believe: It doesn’t have to be this way. That’s why we are pioneering zero-emission logistics for urban deliveries, electric transport, transport refrigeration, air-conditioning and heating technologies based on natural refrigerants. And we combine our experience in mechanical design and digital engineering, product development, refrigeration technology and leadership with innovative tools and methods.

Why? Because we think today about the day after tomorrow. Because we love the link between thinking and implementation at the intersection of analogue technology and digital possibilities. And footprints leaving 0 waste and have 100% effect. And all that in reverse order.

Zero emission, future-proof and natural

With negligible global warming potential (GWP), propane is one of the most future-proof natural refrigerants in the world.

Utterly hermetic and available

The refrigeration circuit is hermetic and controllable in the full capacity range. No maintenance or service costs for the refrigeration circuit, as propane does not need to be refilled.

Ideal for conditioning of foodstuff and pharmaceuticals

Excellent thermodynamics properties and reliable: Propane is the sustainable alternative to synthetic refrigerants.

Prescriptive diagnostics for more driving range and maximum resilience

Double is better - with the digital twin as a AI counterpart to the high-tech hardware, you operate the fleet fail-safe and energy optimal.

Digital technologies, Engineering and Sustainable refrigeration solutions

We are an internationally high tech company in the field of climate-neutral refrigeration and heating technology, e-transport solutions and digital services based in the north of Vienna, Austria.

As a full-service provider, we offer you environmentally friendly and energy-efficient solutions. For the conditioned transport of sensible foodstuffs and pharmaceutical products for example. But also for heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems based on natural refrigerants. First class engineering services and digital services round our offer. We think ahead instead of short-sightedly and accompany you safely into the future of e-mobility.

Naturally cools and
heats better.
More sustainable.
And more efficient.

Propane as natural refrigerant with a GWP < 1 and thanks to its thermodynamic properties is one of the most sustainable refrigerants of the future. It does not contribute to global warming nor to polluting the waters and beside that it is a cost-saving and energy-efficient.


Natural refrigerant (GWP<1)

Available, reliable and safe

Hermetic refrigeration circuit

Integrated and consistent cooling system

For electric light commercial vehicles
< 3.5 tons

Up to 15 % more payload at same cooling capacity

Maximum driving range thanks to best volumetric efficiency

Cost and energy efficient

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Redefine industries with natural refrigerants and digital control.

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