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Responsible and Perfectionists

As passionate engineers, we always think in superlatives. Because comparatives rarely think outside the box, but always take a marginal role.

Being accountable means using existing resources meaningfully and transforming them into useful solutions with experience and competence. Into solutions that make your daily work easier and offer added value for everyone involved, the environment included. 

We are technical natives and detail-oriented engineers. We are environmentally friendly innovators and passionate thinkers. We are inquisitive and curious. We think: The world is full of products and services that don’t solve real problems. Many potentials lie untapped, millions of resources are wasted.

Meet the leadership team

PhD at research centre for the automotive industry

Business development: transport refrigeration systems at tier 1 supplier for commercial vehicle sector

Tomas is the CEO of a dental chair systems manufacturing company

Manufacturing and business expertise with a high quality assembly infrastructure

MSc in Chemical Engineering

Lead Engineer at tier 1 supplier for commercial vehicles designing a transportation refrigeration system for trailers

Developed with designers

Form follows function, or function follows form? We decided to approach the designers at WERKEMOTON to help us create a design that is unique on the market with its aerodynamic shape that eliminates drag and thus does not shorten the range of the electric car, while creating a unique brand identity for PBX GmbH.

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Redefine industries with natural refrigerants and digital control.

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